Donation Page

What is the best way to create a donation form on a website?
Can I simply use Gravity forms? Is there a benefit to WPGive plugin?

Is there a difference whether accepting paypal or cc processing?

Would appreciate all info! Thank you

Gravity Forms is good for donations.
As far as processing the card, there are lots of options and prices, depends what fits best for your client

GF is good, I think the best way to determine this is to look through GiveWP features – they are amazing! If you need to make a more complex donation form, GiveWP usually pays off.

WP forms have a wonderful eCommerce to section. Gravity forms is not bad

If it’s something simple then a regular forms plugin is enough. I think GiveWP is necessary when you need lots of different donation features its a very complex plugin with a ton of stuff.

We’ve used Gravity Forms in MANY websites and it’s great. (I love Gravity Forms in general- offers a tremendous amount of functionality.)
For payment integration there’s either Stripe, Paypal or there’s many other payment gateways that have custom plugins ( which work great. (My main concern, although we’ve used them plenty, is apparently they’re not all officially PCI compliant…!)

Let me know if you want to see some samples, and/or if you have any more Qs. Hatzlocha!

Thanks so much! I would love to see a sample or 2.
Also, doesnt PCI compliance have to do with the processor?