Domain name taken help!


Just wondering if you can help me out here…

A client who is starting up a business has a name he would like to use which is most suitable but the domain name for that name is taken! How can you go about this? Any ideas or suggestions? Is it best to try think of another name or is there a workaround?
All advice on the topic welcome :slight_smile:


Is .co open?
Or sometimes adding a word or 2 that makes sense? A dash?
Would you share the business name so maybe I’ll come up with an idea?

there is always a .co and so many other options at the end nowadays although .com will always be the favourite,
its worth checking if there is an active site with that name as sometimes people buy domain names but don’t always use them and then you can put in a request to buy the domain name ll (I had to wait a year until became available

So frustrating when that happens!
I don’t like using .co instead of .com…opens you up to mistakes. But people do do it. People add “the” and things like that.