Domain/Hosting subscription


We all opened hosting accounts around a year ago.
I know that they are soon going to be updated to the second year.
I don’t want to keep my subscription with SiteGround because the second year is a lot more per month and as of now, I don’t have a need for my site.

  • Are they going to let me know before the year runs out to confirm I want to continue with them, or is it automatic?

  • I’ll lose all the domains and subdomains I have with them - If I use a plugin to download a backup of the site, like I did for my client - would that help me if I opened a new site in a few months - would the backup help me or will I have lost all the designs for good?

Please advise :slight_smile:


You can get them to lower the price.

yes u should get an email from siteground saying services expiring soon but u can also go to your account and look at billing settings and make sure not set to auto renew. their help chat support can also answer any other specific q’s you have.
u can use their file manager to download your site files… or plugin cud work too i guess…or maybe both to be safe! not sure how you’d then reupload the site but it def seems possible. i’d try googling for a tutorial on it…

Aha that makes sense…