Do i need Autocad and Revit?

Regarding Autocad and Revit, are both necessary for a job in interior design? If I would only learn Autocad, how would my skills be different? Would it limit my job options?

Revit is an amazing tool, since it allows you create realistic 3d drawings that help clients to visualize your designs. There are design firms that are looking to hire designers with Revit skills, however, many design firms outsource for Revit drawings, so not having Revit skills should not limit you. You can still be a great designer with only Autocad skills.
Having said that, I highly recommend learning Revit, since it is a skill that is in demand, and gives you more options as a designer. If there is a time in your life when you do not wish to work full time, you can still create Revit drawings for other designers as a side job, which gives you flexibility as a designer.

Just adding to what Rochel Lea wrote, I didn’t do Revit when I did the course, I thought I could do it at any point later. The jobs one could take is a drop more limited, but I got a job working for an architect where there’s no 3D drawings involved.
Happens to be he was very impressed how flat sections and elevations could look just by rendering them!
I am in the middle of learning SketchUp on my own, it’s not such a heavy program and you get very similar results. I will probably not use it for work, just for freelancing jobs, and for hobby :wink:
I do recommend taking Revit if you have extra time and if you’re computer savvy-heard from others it is a heavier program to learn, and takes a lot of time.

Just to add:
Design Alive will be offering a sketchUp add on course, hopefully in the next coming months - hang on there!

Oh, that’s nice!
Thanks for letting know!

Any updates?