Digital Form

I need to come up with a good a suggestion for client who needs to take down a lot of information and then give the summary in an email to the client.
He is not very tech savvy. Does google forms sound like a good solution? or is there something better?

Can you be more specific? Take down information from where? What kind of information?

You are right… :slight_smile:

he does home inspections. so as he goes through the house he wants to write down all the information into a form which will then be emailed to the client. he doesnt have a domain/website.

Google forms is definitely a simple, user-friendly option… I don’t know of any better one.

Google forms is great for a free form, I have used others but they usually cost and its often not needed unless the form is more complex. I would start with google forms and if you see it does not fit your requirement then you can try surveymonkey

How would i get the form into an email to be sent to the client?