@adinacahn thank you for all the work that goes into the designergy. This weeks is SUPERB! So convenient to be able to create videos exactly how you like!

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The rate at how AI is advancing, do you thing there will still be a need for designers in a few years from now?
It’s scary to think about it…

We love to hear your feedback! Thank you for sharing!

We are always ready to hear what you would like to hear more of…

I totally hear the question but I wouldn’t worry too much about it, let Hashem ‘worry’ about your parnassa :slight_smile:
Also who knows what on earth will be in a few years? Hopefully mashiach will have come by then!

At the end of the day you still need the creators to put together the content with eye and knowledge. I think AI needs to be proceeded with caution- as Yidden- but at the same time realize you are using it already without realizing it. When you write an email and it finishes off the word for you- that’s artificial intelligence. When you start putting in your name on a form and your name pops up on your computer- is also artificial intelligence.
When digital camera’s came out everyone thought there goes photographers, but photographers who adapted to the new tools are still here.
Same with many other fields.
Yes there are the steam engine truck drivers who no longer have their jobs, but anyone who moved on with technology just adjusted their jobs along the way.

I wouldn’t be nervous about no need for designers, Someone has got to put the prompt in and thread the parts together. I would just stay cautiously up to date, and at the same time like @Shevi_Kramer wrote-- The Chovos Halevavos says you pick a field that interests you and through that you open the pipeline to your parnassa.


100% true!

I never use midjourney because I have not yet found time to dealing with it. In order to keep up with the times if I want to continue to be a good graphic designer do I need to learn it now?

Love involving HKBH in conversations. Because He is after all the Creator of creating. So if He is still Creating, the ability to create, won’t stop. As long as He will Create, creating will exist.



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So, Relly, I hope my message alleviates your concern, re creating. And have a good Shabbos, Klal. “See” you all soon (virtually)! And see you all soon in Yerushalayim!

if you are playing around with generative fill in photoshop and try out firefly, no need to create a midjourney account- which you’ll be paying for monthly
start with firefly - check out two weeks ago word of the week, the prompts from firefly were pretty impressive

Also if you have a freepik account, they have now an ai option (that I just noticed this week) on the top left. It’s pretty good - like it gives results like firefly, not midjourney but it’s still another good option.