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Hi, just posting here because not sure who’s behind this.
But I love love LOVE this newsletter! You share the coolest design tips, design websites and such good info!
Thanks so much! Keep it coming!!

Totally agree! :slight_smile:
Thanks so much!

And an extra thank you for the photoshop beta tutorial:)

its mental this photoshop beta!!

We are thrilled that you enjoy!
Thanks goes to @adinacahn for all her input, ideas and cool tips and tricks!

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Hi I just joined the forum… would love to receive the design alive newsletter!

Hi would love to get it too! Please can you add my email to the list?

Hi can I be added to the weekly newsletter?

Sure, you have been added!

can i be added too please?

Can I be added to the newsletter? Thank you.

Can you send an email to

You can sign up by completing this form

Or just reply to this thread and we can add to you the newsletter if you dont get it already!

Thank you!

yay! bh i just got it again for the first time in months! so excited:)