Design Ideas

Hi, we have this very narrow hallway separating the kitchen from the rest of the house. It’s around 10 feet long and less than 3 feet wide. Any ideas to make it feel like it’s more a part of the house? Can’t decide if hanging something up would do the trick or it’s just to narrow for that…

Make it a focal point! Perfect spot for a gallery wall

Mirrors can really make a small space look bigger and you can turn it into a design as well!

You would have to ask a contractor and engineer but is there a possibility of creating a niche/s within the walls? Or mirrors will help the space seem less claustrophobic? What room is adjacent to that hallway? Or is it open to a staircase?

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Use consistent design on all floors and walls, and make the hallway feel bigger by putting mirrors and adding a lot of light and using light colors

It’s between the living room/playroom and the kitchen…

Lighting and light color paint would definitely do the trick.

If you could, you could put wallpaper or paint in vertical stipes.
It will elevated the height so not to focus on it’s narrow width.
Or maybe paint the ceiling a little darker/wallpaper ceiling/ ceiling design with LED strips etc.

I feel like a mirror in a hallway might be dizzying…

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Good point about the mirrors, I wasn’t thinking about that…