Customizing woo-commerce site

Hi does anyone have experience using Astra pro theme for woo-commerce? My client is on a very tight budget and I am debating between using astra pro theme ($200 lifetime) or elementor advanced pluggin ($100 a year) to customize the woo-commerce pages on my site.

I haven’t, sorry. Astra is a well-known and popular theme.

@schlomithsassoon Have you used that plugin? Any thoughts on this?

I have never used Astra, Elementor pro is a great base. Note for woo-commerce you might need additional add ons in any case, depending on what the client needs

I have a lifetime license to astra pro - what I like about it is a lot of things are pre designed in a nice way, like the cart, checkout, headers, sidebars, etc so I don’t have to finick with each thing. It comes with a lot of shop filters too. I will say that I do sometimes need elementor pro on top of it, depending on the site’s needs. So it might not be an all in one solution.

Thank you!