Critique appreciated ASAP!

Hard to read on the background. Maybe find a nicer font. The color also seems a bit dull, it’s not popping out.

The pictures on bottom are beautiful but dull, Can you up the levels in the fruit? I would put a solid background on top not divided. And like @schlomithsassoon wrote, can you find a more interesting font?

Maybe do a pretty colored background with a more inviting font, the font does not need to take up all the empty space.

Any ideas of fonts?

With a plain background it looked like it was missing something…
@chavi, what do you mean by a colored background?

Find a nice background from shutterstock. it can be a gradient or something simple but not a solid background.

Like @chavi wrote- find a gradient or a subtle texture. But the split doesnt look right

I would photoshop the fruits to make look more vibrant

Can you find a more interesting font? The whole thing looks bland. Also the picture, as well as the top.
Look through some of these images, you’ll see what I mean

Do some research to get inspo.


I will brighten the whole thing I think but it’s not supposed to be very original or show stopping davka. It is more to get the word around if that makes sense

I just looked at my laptop again.

I’m going to try and repost the screenshot cuz for some reason the coloring on the one I posted before looks really bad compared to the actual document.

Does anyone know why it looks more vibrant on Illustrator and more dull when I post it here?

Usually because of cmyk to rgb.