Creating Explainer Videos


A company asked me to create a few explainer videos on how to use specific software programs.
how would i go about making them?
I want to show the movement of the mouse , how it redirects me to different places, and how the buttons are highlighted as i click on them.
plus a voice-over, and some added-on effects to make it clearer (circling words…)
So far, I tried recording my screen share on a zoom meeting and after bringing it into AE. but I had to keep re-recording if i made mistakes…
also in the future they want to use a professional studio to record the voice, so it might get more complicated to do it this way… is there another way to create this kind of video, that would be more efficient?
any advice or tips would be appreciated!

I would make the screen shots first as still images and then have an animated mouse moving around above the still image.
The voice over should be done separately and then the screens would be made to match the audio. That shouldnt make a difference between professional VO or one you do.

create an animatic first!! that way before you start animating you can iron out any changes

Okay thanks so much!
I’m curious how much I could charge for such a thing. They said they want to pay per hour…

it would be 3-5 minutes long, once a month

can you email me a bit of what its going to look like and then I can pop back on here and give you a rough idea on pricing?

in the end, they’re looking for someone who can work Israeli hours, so I’m not taking the job…
They didnt get back to me yet about my offer to post it on this forum. If they say yes, then I’ll post it in the jobs category for anyone else who’s available…
thanks anyways for all your help!
now i know how to do such videos in the future :slight_smile: