Cost to update website

I have a friend who is looking to update her portfolio/ website.
She would like to know: how much would such a project cost?

Depends on lots of factors.

Is she looking to rewrite her copy? Or write it up from scratch if she doesn’t have it?
If she’s on a portfolio platform, is she looking to move over to something like Wordpress or Webflow?
Why does she want to redo the website? What is it going to do for her business?

She can reach out to me if she’d like happy to discuss with her.

She has someone doing her copy.
She just wants to update the one she has.
She wants to re-do her website because it is extremely outdated and not her style at all.
Basically, from what I understand, she would want someone to re-design the layout and upload new pictures ect.

It’s a redesign.
The only element of a regular project that would be knocked off IMO is the domain and hosting set-up. Otherwise, it’s a new website…