Copywriting mini series- What are your thoughts?

As I’m sure you’ve been noticing, copy (the text that is on your website/ad/brochure) is an integral part of a successful project.

Design Alive is interested in offering a Copywriting mini-series of 2-3 sessions for designers and non-writers. This would be held in February sometime, and would cover:

*What exactly IS copy? (and what it’s not.)

*The must-know Basic Rules of Copy. (So your work has a fighting chance)

*How to explain to clients why they should pay for copy ('Why can’t I get my high-school daughter to write the text for the website? She once had a poem published in BinahBunch…)

*Five formulas for effective ads/hero section copy (Even if you’re not much of a writer)

*The best resources to dig into if you want to educate yourself further. (Of course you want to educate yourself further!)

*Live Q&A

So, who’s interested? And is there anything else copy-related that you’d like to hear about?

Such a great idea! I totally love if there was an option of recorded classes

Im in! This is a must for every designer!! I’m so happy someone is finally addressing copy for designers:)

Is this free or paid?

will be a minimal charge.

This is such a great idea and so important. Who’s giving the class?


Just a quick survey, if you were to join the copywriting mini-course which timing would you prefer?
Classes will be held on Sundays only

  1. 9.30-11.00 EST /2.30-4.00 UK time / 4.30-6.00 ISRL time
  2. 2PM - 4PM EST/ 7-9 UK time / 9-11 ISRL time
  3. Neither work for me - please specify which time works best

More details to follow

2-4 EST should work for me iyH

7-9 EST works best for me, but I know that’s not feasible. :see_no_evil: Is there being a recording?

Yes there will be recordings, course is starting today- register today to keep focused with the live class. First recording will be available in just a few hours :smiley:


Now that the live course is over, any feedback from those that joined??

I highly recommend taking it. It opened up a whole new world to me!!
Chani Pollins was an AMAZING teacher! The material packed into those 3 hours was more than I could’ve ever imagined. I really think it’ll up my work!
Everyone, go for it! :+1:

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