Copywriter logo

HI, I am designing a logo for my sister whos starting doing copywriting. Any thoughts?

Btw she just finished copytribe and is FAB at what she does if anyone wants (and she super cheap because she’s just building her portfoilo.)

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woops, dont know why its slanty there-

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I think it would look sharper if the shapes are pink instead of being white on a pink background - it would look more striking
You can switch it to white like on a business card or an ad but the actual logo should probably not have a background behind it… just my opinion…

I think its cool! But the C is not the same width as the ‘H’
‘Halter Copy’ I would make more bold to match the HC

I love the concept, but like Breindy said, I would recommend using just the shapes and no square in the background. I like the pink color a lot.

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I love it!
Three things:
The circle in the H doesn’t look centered.
Is there a way to smooth out the C?
Is Halter a maiden name?

Looking at the logo itself again, it feels top heavy cuz of the ball between the slanted lines being so high up. I also think it would look cool with just the slanted lines and ball alone… maybe you want to play around with that?
As @al1 said though, if Halter is a maiden name, she may want to reconsider her business name.

thanks so much for all the feedback!
we prob going with this in the end…

@chanamiriam re the name i still doing my sisters logo for free so she isnt worrying too much about changing the name and when she asked me i told her that its too bad she will just have to marry someone whos last name starts with an h :rofl:

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logo looks amazing!