When do you have to install “accept cookies” on a website?

And how do you do it?

So I mostly do it for my clients
I think its mostly needed in Europe
I use a plugin - I think its called GDPR consent or something like that - there’s a few and they all basically do the same thing
Some you have to pay for if you want to customize etc…

Deborah, do the plugins you use actually disable the cookies, though? I checked into it once (briefly, I haven’t needed to use it yet!) and it seemed that they provided the infrastructure, but it wasn’t so simple to configure it to actually DO something.

So I just always configure it to say - by clicking ‘accept’ you accept all cookies used on this website. So I don’t disable anything - I just make the user agree to it if he uses the website… Most ppl do not care - like have you ever gone off a website because of cookies?

Is it not a question of what the website actually does with the “collected data”. If the website has only a simple contact form, does it still GDPR consent?

even just google analytics collects data from the user - so really almost any website in Europe needs it I think - but do your own research

Deborah, that is a good solution!

I haven’t looked into it deeply in a while, but the last time I checked, the very basic GA install doesn’t collect sensitive information and isn’t affected by GDPR. But I think most websites put the cookie consent on anyway, to be safe.