Im trying to come up with a contract for my clients. Do I use one basic one for all clients or do I change it around for each one depending on the job Im doing for them?

Anyone have a contract they use and wouldnt mind to share it?

I created a basic vague one that I always tweak based off of each job.

Each contract should be adjusted to fit the project.

Would you mind sharing it?

Sure email me
And I’ll send it back to you


@malky-h I think once posted a basic contract…

What are the problems that can crop up that I should make sure to include in my contract related to graphic design.

Services to be included are XYZ, any additional services will be billed at XYZ amount or subject to a new contract.
Payments are due according to the following schedule… Put in how and when you want to receive payments. Also put in policy for late/missed payments. Make sure to take a deposit up front!
Amount of revisions and when they are due from the client.
Early termination - what happens if client backs out in middle.
Contract is valid until…
Right to put work in your portfolio…

LOL, now I need to create my own after sounding so knowledgable!

Thanx everyone.