Color Patterns FAQs

Does my pattern have to be in a square? Yes, or a rectangle like a tile. Block off a square and design in that

How many patterns must I do? One patter, colored three different ways

Do I have to use all my swatches from my palettes? No
Can I use tints and shades not in my palettes? Yes
Can my design be abstract? It should be basically abstract, or just a little bit representational, like a floral. Think in terms of patterns for wallpaper or wrapping paper etc. No complicated scenes.

Do I need to use Illustrator? Yes
Should I outline my shapes in my design? Up to you, but generally looks better if you don’t

how do you put the patterns in the object computer screen saver, coffee cup etc.

Open the smart object file in photoshop. Find the editable layer…might say “your design here”. Double click it and it opens a linked file. Create your pattern layout in the linked file, or create the layout in Illustrator and place into the linked file. Save the file and go back to your mockup file, and you should see the pattern placed in.