Cloudways - managing clients

Hi, since I have an account in cloudways, whats the best way to log into my clients account in cloudways?

Have them add you to their team! I have all my clients do this. I write these directions:
Once you’ve signed up, go to “Team” in the menu and add [my email address] as a team member. That will give me access and I can complete setup.

It’s very straightforward, I’ve never had a client have issues. And it’s MUCH easier than Siteground or Godaddy’s way of switching between accounts, it’s so easy for me to manage.

But they dont allow to add an existing email address, how can you have more than one login with same email?

Oh – I do remember I had that issue. You could ask support and see if there is a better workaround, but I made another email address (no inbox – just forwards to my regular one) and use that for hosting.