Character Designs for Animation Purposes


Has anyone done a CA or an animated character in a whiteboard animation for a client? If so can you share where you found the characters you animated for your client?
Did you make the client find a designer to design the characters or did you yourself find a designer?
A potential client is interested in an explainer video with character animation or a whiteboard animation but they want specially made “jewish” characters and I was at a loss of what to tell them.
Any direction would be appreciated.
Thank you!

If someone wants specific characters I outsource to an illustrator to draw it. I used to draw some characters for me for a whiteboard animation. Remember to charge more accordingly as you will have to pay the illustrator.

Teva Ungar who is a graduate may be able to help you as well.
She draws beautifully and would know how to create it to be able to animate as she works in MG as well

Thank you! Really appreciate the help!