Chanukah Challenge Winner!‼️‼️🏆

…And we have a winner!!! :confetti_ball:
The submissions were all fantastic, creative and especially inspiring so well done to all of you for joining!

You definitely each made a BIG IMPACT!

The WINNER for the Graphic design is… Goldie Mezei!! :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :trophy: :+1: Well done Goldie, we loved your beautiful eye-catching poster with the Chanukah theme. And a very important message! Well done!

The WINNER for the Motion Graphics is…Rivka Vorcheimer!! Beautiful, heart stirring and inspiring presentation! Well done Rivka!!! :trophy: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:

You will be receiving an email shortly with you Amazon Vouchers!

Well done all of you! And keep a look-out for more! :smiley:


Wow!! Great job Goldie and Rivka!!!

Wow! Congratulations :grin:

Is it possible to re-post the winning pieces?

yes please post them as we don’t know who did what!!

Congratulations to the winners and everyone else who did such an amazing job! Yes, would be great if you could post the winning submisisons.

Thanks so much :blush:
And thank you everyone for your votes!

yea thanks everyone for your positive feedback and votes!!! :slight_smile:
it was amazing to see everyones creativity and talent! keep it up!

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Both are stunning!

thanks devora :slight_smile:

Was so excited to see that you won!! :smiley:
It really is a stunning work of art!
Hatzlacha with everything

ty! amen and hatzlacha to you too!