Chanukah Challenge- final chance!

We are giving all Design Alive students and Graduates a final chance! To submit your ideas and creations for the Chanukah Challenge! Make sure you send them in quick… You’ve got to be in it to win it!!! :star_struck:

Hi Everyone!
In honour of Rosh Chodesh Kisleiv we’ve put on a Chanukkah Challenge for you!!

Your design must convey the concept that small things can make a BIG impact, just like in the Chanukah story the Maccabim defeated the Greeks, and the small jug of oil lasted 8 nights!!

There are many ways you can incorporate this theme in your design, –
Interior designers can create either a rendering, mood board or diagram to show how a small space can create big impact!
Graphic designers can create logo’s for small businesses that have big impact or design an ad for a gift shop where small purchases make a big impact!
Motion Graphic designers can create quick animations in a small timeframe which have big impact!
These are just some idea’s to get you thinking and creating!!!

You can choose any colours for this challenge, and spend as much time as you like! (Though not too long;)

Looking forward to see what you can come up with and remember:
Small things…BIG IMPACT!

Small Smile, Incredible Impact!



great job to those who already submitted!!! wow!

Wow! What did you use here, if I may ask?


come on guys! or are you just not in the Chanukah mode yet. Im sure they are already selling donuts so…

Sorry it’s cheesy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s great!! and so relevant for now!

When we create a light in this world, by doing mitzvos, it changes the world eternally and brings the world to a higher existence, where the ability to do more good things is strengthened, and those mitzvos create…


Beautiful concept and stunning design!!

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The power of shabbos can tear away any evil and bring protection


Beautiful concept Miriam! and so appropriate as weve been hearing so many inspiration shmiras shabbos stories, Can u add a bit more shadow behind the tear so the difference between the war foreground and the shabbos background becomes more distinct.

Love this one!

WOW!!! beautiful and stunning and… and… and


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Beautiful message.

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firefly and photoshop

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This one made me laugh. I love it!