Changing colors to CMYK in indesign


I have a big document in indesign and lots of the colors are RGB.
Is there a shortcut that I could change all the colors to CMYK?

Or if I’m printing the document, it will automatically convert and I shouldn’t worry about it?

from what i’m aware you dont need to change all to cmyk individually nowadays
see this article:

Basically when you export the pdf, in output settings you make sure it says Convert to Destination (Preserve Numbers) (for me its the default anyway).
This applies to pixel-based images (photos) rather than vectors where it is best to import CMYK images.

@rivkah Revisting this now…
You wrote that the above applies to pixel-based images…
What happens if my document has many vectors that are RGB?

are they simple block color vectors or things with gradients and transparencies?
If the former then i would convert to cmyk and then bring in but if the latter, i think it may depend as sometimes those get ruined when you convert…

@adinacahn - curious to hear what you say?

i thought indesign is automatically CMYK? no?

Pictures are always RGB, that means when you take your camera to the photo store you are printing RGB. At the same time no one opens each picture and converts it to CMYK. I think that as long as you are not trying to print something super duper neon bright that was placed in indesign I would just leave it. Worst case scenario it prints slightly duller than you saw on screen. But it should print just fine.
indesign is a cmyk program, the images you put in it are rgb- indesign supports both.
When I layout magazines/brochures etc. I dont change the color modes of each picture.
vectors should generally be cmyk

The vectors are not so simple…and they are all in Indesign already!
They have a lot of layers and different effects - a lot of them are downloaded.
So you think its a waste of my time if I change each and every vector color to the right mode? (200 page document with pictures on each page :see_no_evil:)

I dont think its necessary-- maybe print one or two pages and see