Canva PDF Upload

I’m trying to upload my cad files that I saved as a pdf onto Canva, but when I upload it, the pdf is divided into all the different segments of my drawing.
Anyone having this issue and figured out a solution?
Also, I spoke to Canva and they said as of now their system automatically divides pdf’s into separate images.
Thanks so much

Just take a screen snip of your pdf and import it to Canva as a jpeg, your scale won’t be accurate but for presentation purposes this doesn’t really matter, just make sure to note your drawing as ‘not to scale’. Hatztlacha!

Another easy option is to use, where you can upload a pdf file, convert it to a jpg, save it to your computer, then upload that jpg into your Canva project.
Good Luck!

I find that the Microsoft Edge web capture comes out really clear when you copy/paste it directly onto the page you are working on…

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it