Calendar pricing

Hi, I wanted to know how much would you charge to design a calendar for a day camp. Its not much… just putting an image in each day’s box to convey the theme of the day.

They said they would 100- 150. Does that make sense?

Yes, that pricing sounds reasonable if you are only inserting images. Basically it is about paying you for your time, not any real design or creativity, from the way you explain it. Even if it takes you five hours you would still be making a decent rate of $30 per hour. And if simply inserting images into the days for the summer it really shouldn’t take long…

What about designing a calendar from scratch/using a template you have already created?

Just following up on my question, thanks!

designing a calendar from scratch and putting in all dates (Hebrew and English) can be exceedingly time consuming, design not withstanding so i would say this would be $500+. You don’t need to charge less just because you have created a template to use. Thats your perk not theirs

I recently had a nice collaboration with Custom Jewish Calendar | Jewish Calendarz where they provided the calendar part/shabbos times etc etc as well as printing (in the US) and I created the design for the top part. This is probably only feasible if you are printing 1000 or so copies but for our project it was great, saved me having to fiddle around and take responsibility for all those dates!! Having said that if you do end up doing it, would be a great asset if you then can re-use your template as Zippy has said.

sounds like a great idea as thats the time consuming part. thanks for the tip

Thanks! It’s not exactly a template, it’s just the calendar I designed for them last year, so it’s much easier to fix up than do the whole thing from scratch. Don’t you think it should be at a discounted price if I am the one doing it for them every year?