Brand book

I need to put together a brand book for a company I did logo+branding for. Any tips as to what needs to be included? I don’t want to miss out anything…

Many thanks!

Brand Definition
Who company is
Brand Mission
Brand Vision
Brand Voice
Brand Values
Logo meaning
Responsive Logo
Logo Backgrounds - like putting logo on color background and logo in black and white
Logo do’s and don’ts
Brand Colors
Primary colors
Secondary colors
Logo typography
Brand typography
Brand Pattern
Pattern usages
Brand Implementation
Thank You


That’s excellent. Thank you so much!

Excellent!!! Wow, so detailed! I like!

I thought these were brilliant Our previous work
You can look through them for inspiration

This webinar we had may help you on this topic, Honey Soibelman shows her branding guides here.

Those are gorgeous!

Would you get a hard copy professionally printed? Or do I just send a pdf?


Nah, PDF
maybe after they okay everything if you;d like to print but not for the first time you send them

Ok, great.

Dassy: wed love to see a copy of it once its ready!

IyH will try remember to upload it!
As a general rule, would you ask client permission before doing this? I’ve stipulated in my contract that all artwork belongs to me, but I still am wary of doing this sort of thing (even though it’s a private forum and they’d never find out…)

Are you not allowed to display your work for portfolio purposes> that should always be included in your contract unless they ask you to sign confidentiality for example if the logo hasnt been launched yet… and they wanna keep it under wraps…