Booking plugin

Anyone know of a good plugin for booking an appointment that will be easy for the client to customize available times on her own?
Thanks in advance.

I like Calendly for scheduling. It’s not exactly a plugin but you can embed it onto the site

Thanks. Will my client be able to edit it on her own? And block out certain times?

Sure, she has to create a calendly account and she can do everything there

Awesome thank you so much!

Another Calendly lover here :slight_smile:
I embed it on my site.
There are many similar options if you search “Calendly alternatives.” Every now and then there’s a feature difference that is important.

How do you create reminders in my outlook calendar with calendly? Mainly for myself but possibly also for the client?

I don’t know if they have that feature, but you may be able to find that from other online calendars. Maybe check if Microsoft has something… they’re all coming out with similar services and that should integrate with an Outlook calendar.