Big folders for long videos- how to download?

(two days in a row here:)
I have a client that wants me to make a 20 minute camp video and they sent me a google photos shared folder of 1000 pictures and videos, and when I try to download it I keep getting an error.
And I had someone else with very fast wifi download it for me and they got the same error. I think its because its a huge folder.
Is there a different way I can tell them to send it to me? Or should I tell them to narrow the pictures and videos down? or should I sit there going through them slowly?
And in general, what am I supposed to do when clients send huge folders?

I use Dropbox a lot and have the same issue so would love ideas as well!

I use Jumbo mail
or We transfer

Slack allows you to send pretty heavy files as well
I have a dropbox business account as well, Wetransfer just lets you send up to 2GB of files free, so when you are working with real raw footage it can be alot heavier than that

filemail desktop app