Bi-fold Brochure Feedback

Hi! I’m doing a small rush brochure type of job for somebody who basically just wanted me to split an 8.5x11 page into 3, and she has a very specific way that she wants to fold. Would love any feedback on the design asap (not on the images though- as that I am still switching out for different ones)
Thank you!!
The Organizing Process-1|646x500

Its really nice already! Just one suggestion- it might give off an organized feel with sharp lines rather than circular shapes throughout the design. That might help give her potential clients the confidence that she can fix their messes :slight_smile:

Just noticed it went posted with wrong coloring before.

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wow, love it! would def book her :wink:

i think it’s great with the curved lines… really flows…

Just wondering if ‘Before’ look better in white letters but if you then cant read it well so not a good idea.

is this something she gives to existing clients or as an informative type ad? (coz i would davka not use her if i saw it and rather just follow the clear steps myself!)

Thanks for the feedback!
It’s for a presentation that she is giving- it’s meant to be an outline for the class

How much would someone charge for something like this?

so it’s perfect for that!