Bas mitzvah poster help! Time sensitive

Hi! I’m working on a poster for someone’s bas mitzvah.
The mother gave my an image that she wants to use as the background and she sent me all the poems and letters to put on the image.
I blurred the image and text for privacy reason but I need some help on the design aspect.

I was going to make it cute with speech bubbles but she wants to keep it elegant and nice.
Also I’m having a hard time fitting all the text… still have more to add! I did a 16 by 20 size poster and the text size 15…
My client also requested borders around all the text to keep it neat and each one separate.
Any ideas for me?

first of all the text could be made much smaller - 10.5 pt’s - 11
maybe you can do something like this:
have the picture of the girl with her parents on the bottom right in the circle and then have everyone’s messages in octagons (use your color gold on maybe a black textured background)
I did this very quickly just to show you what I mean but obviously when you do it (if you do) make it look more perfect

Thanks! She wants the image as the background though…

oh. so try with the boxes on top of the picture
but it will probably look a little funny - maybe suggest to her that it would look best if the pic would be on the side…

Use semintransparent white boxes in the shape of square or speech bubbles

Thanks! How much would say to charge for something like this?