Bar mitzvah e-invites website?

A relative asked me this question:

“I’m working on invitations for the bar mitzvah and was hoping to do just do one that I can email. Do you have a website to recommend? I was looking at bpprintgroup but they don’t have a template for a bar mitzvah e-invites…”

Does anyone know of any?


I just used and I had a great experience.
Best would be to upload a scan of the original invitation or a digital invitation as i don’t think you can type up Hebrew on the website itself.

yidcards website is giving me warnings about privacy issues. STS, do you know anything about this?

Anyone know of anything else?

sorry i don’t, i’ve never used it myself
i have just received e-vites from there

I used yidcards once. I made a very cute invite really easily. I don’t remember if I got a privacy issue warning but it is a frum site so I would vouch for it.

I used yidcards and was very happy. no privacy issues…