Bar Mitzva Invitation

When someone askes me to design their invitation, does it include text. Or are they expected to provide you with the text. I have never done this before so really not sure how it is done. If I do have to come up with the wording, are there any templates I could base it on?
Thank you so much

Yes they should be supplying you with text and anything else they want on the invitation. Including logo. If they want you to design the logo, you may want to charge extra for that, but you should be getting all text from them.

yeh def for english text they should give you.
if they are not particular on say the hebrew side wording you could ask them to send you a sample invite with text that they are happy with… but then it may be annoying for you if u have to hand type it… i wouldnt really expect a regular client to have that to hand though esp if its their first simcha…
if invited are something you want more of, it may be worth you taking it on even if they dont give you the hebrew coz you can then reproduce that same nusach for future clients.

thank you so much @DenaPossick @rivkah . I have never done this before, so as you pointed out it is worth it for me to do it for them. The Loshon Hakodesh text they actually sent me. Waiting to hear what about English text from them. In regard to an e-vite, does anyone have samples that they have done so i could get an idea. It is for a bar mitzva.
Thank you

I have done for a chassene…

Email me if you want

I have Hebrew and English text for a wedding invite, I know that’s not what you asked for but I’m posting in case it would help anyone else. If you need, email me at

Thank you. I really appreciate all your help. I spoke to the client and it seemed she was happy to send me the text… she did not send anything yet, so i am just waiting…