Autocad drafting help

Hi, I recently was hired to draft floorplans for someone. Someone from the company went to site and measured the walls.
He then put it into smart draw.
My job is to convert it into autocad
I inserted a pdf of the smart draw and scaled it to size but the measurements that i got from smartdraw didnt add up or match the pdf. How would you suggest i go about this and find the problem. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great! Its a bit time sensitive.

I recently got a draft from such an app (not sure exactly which one) and i basically had to redraft looking at the dimensions. scaling isn’t really an option as it isn’t a professional app-it’s not exact.
I believe redrafting will be the best way to go…

But the dimensions I think were not accurate from smart draw. Do you think thats possible? would I have to remeasure the room?

it is possible, but you would probably see right away if the dimensions don’t add up then it’s off.
I would say you could rely on it, except if you see it’s off…