Attention all Revit users!

** :loudspeaker: Attention all Revit users!**

We have something exciting just for you :tada: .

An insight into a fantastic tool will be made available to you after a couple quick and easy steps.

What is the tool we talking about??


What is Enscape?

Enscape is a real-time rendering and virtual reality plugin.

It allows you to make improvements to your model and immediately see the impact of these changes. This makes the process of design and rendering much easier.

It gives you a better understanding of the real look and feel of your design.

It will take your renders to the next level making them look even more realistic in a short amount of time.

What topics do we cover in the Enscape recordings?

Learn how to use Enscape in order to create high quality camera views.

Creating a real-time walkthrough.

Navigating around your project

Modifying your lighting and working with the available visual settings.

Using the asset library.

Exporting the views.

How can you get free access to these Enscape recordings?

To get access all you need to do is both of the following:

Post 2 renders you are working on, on the JDF forum for others to comment and help you improve your render.

Comment on 2 of someone else’s post giving them feedback to help them improve their renders.
Come and join us and engage in this forum so we can share, critique, suggest and give our collective insight into each other’s renders thereby sharing our knowledge and all gaining together.

Its a win win situation! You get free advice on your work and free access to 2 recordings on a plugin which will change your Revit experience!!

Looking forward to seeing your posts :wink: :grinning:!!!

Looking forward to hearing advice and comments :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :wink:!!


WOW!!! Thanks for being the first one :wink:
Looks perfect, i love the lighting I’m sure you spent tonz of time on it, adds so much!!
Everything looks so seamless the details of the cutlery, the countertop material, the flooring… nice work on the cabinetry as well-the pulls and waterfall countertop…
I especially like the angle of the dining the way you could see everything going on behind it…

Thank You!!
Looking forward to seeing more renderings :wink:

My posts are getting really lonely :disappointed_relieved:
waiting for someone to join them

I’m still inmiddle of the course (doing self-pace) but I’d love to see more renderings from others…


WOW!!! These look amazing!!
I love that you added so much detail; it makes such a difference!
The office looks great…love the wallpaper, (just a side note I would move the one-person desk to the wall cause now it’s in a funny place, and it doesn’t look like there’s room to walk between the wall and the desk.)

Overall this project looks fantastic; I am sure you worked veery long on it! Your efforts definitely paid off :wink: :clap:

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Thanks for joining me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing:

WOW!! I’m still in middle of the course-can’t wait to hold where you’re up to!!
I go crazy for the kitchen. In general looks so real and professional, and i love the color wood from cab & floor coming so nicely together!! and the details to put some stuff on the surfaces-looks like it’s in use!!
I also love the angle you took the lounge from-you could see everything including some cut offs which feels real!! love the vibrant plant and big light fixture! light filtering window treatment is also a wow factor!
You did an amazing amazing job on this one-take the credit you deserve it!!

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Keep the renders coming!! They look great! One can clearly see how time put into a render really pays off! I love the effort gone into all the details


wow! this is really good!

Wow I’m so impressed!! @NechamaKass your motivating me to continue my classes!! looks so neat and so real!! I absolutely love the way you did the stairs, and the storage underneath!! The lighting is also a big wow feature hard to miss…
Kol Hakovod for you-looks absolutely… elegant!!

O WOW!!!
These look amazing
love the the molding detail on the walls and the coloring!!
Awesome job :clap: :tada:

Hi Nechama- love them and love the fact you didn’t put a generic outside scene in the window but one that makes sense and seems real- ie - Jerusalem stone and the hills.

Wow! I have just seen all of these renders and am completely blown away! They are so detailed and realistic! INCREDIBLE!



Your dining room @NechamaKass looks so real!
Which site did you get that plant from?
The ones I found all looked very artificial