Assignment 3 Positive/Negative Space questions and answers

  1. Can I use color? Yes, but only two colors. Either black and white, or white and a color, black and a color, or two contrasting colors.
  2. Can I use lowercase letters? Yes.
  3. Can I use numbers? No
  4. Does the negative space have to make a picture? Not necessarily. It can just look purposeful and well thought out, adding to the style (i.e. creating rhythm)
  5. Does the meaning of the negative space have to relate to the letter? Not necessarily. If your letter is A, for example, you don’t need to show and apple, or anything that relates to an A, in the negative space.
  6. Can I create outlines and customize my letter? Yes, but it must remain recognizable
  7. What program should I use? Illustrator.
  8. What size should the page be? You can decide, as long as it is square or rectangle, and you consider the edges of the page space. The letter needs to touch the page edges on all four sides, so you are considering the relationship between the letter and the page space.