Apps for Designers

Hi all,
I recently bought a new tablet and would love to download some good apps (before I put a filter and lock it.)

  1. Are there any apps that you/another ID uses that you feel it’s worth having?
  2. Specifically I’d love to get a drafting app for onsite dimensions (instead of pen and paper :memo:]
  3. Are there any other apps that you feel would help me with design, layout, or drafting?

Any information on this topic would be super helpful!

I’ve never used it, but I know people who have used magicplan and are really happy with it.

Oh thanks so much!! (I googled it and got around 200 results :thinking: not very helpful…)
I’m gonna look into it-thanks again!!

Anyone knows of any other-I’d love to compare a few…

Here’s a link: magicplan | Construction & Floor Plan App For Contractors.
You can watch the video to see the basics of what you can do with it.
I’ve gotten plans from it but never actually used it myself.

I just checked it out-it’s a real full option!! lot’s of different feature that could also be useful!
Thanks so much @yepstein !

Autocad has a great app where you can use the measuring tool and add notes to plans as you go through this with your client.
Adobe acrobat is also good at basic annotations or changes to PDF plans.
Not sure about the sketching one though

You may want to consider:

  1. Dropbox or One Drive which are both good for holding all of your files - accessible through the cloud
  2. Tape Measure is a quick app for measuring
  3. Canva - if you want to create moodboards and presentations on your tablet
  4. Pocket - which is great if you want to save a design article you read online

Thanks @Miri_Wiesner !! Will definitely check out Autocad (didn’t even think of checking :wink:)
Acrobat also sounds like a smart idea…
thanks so much!

Thanks so much @RochelLea !!
Tape measure sounds awesome!!
Pocket is also something that i would probably enjoy!!
I usually work on PowerPoint as appose to canva-just got used to that…

hey @YittyR thanks for bringing this up. was really helpful

Helpful for me 2!!
Thanks all for being so forthcoming!