Apartment layout

I’m working on a small apartment layout for the main living area. They want the space to include a dining area that usually seats 4-6 but can expand to fit more - up to 10; a living area (not just a couch, but something facing it - couch or chairs, so its a cozy space), and a home office.

Any ideas how to create this in such a tight space? This is the blank layout, and two potential ideas i thought of but am not crazy over.
Thank you!

Maybe you could do something like this…hatzlacha!!!

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Yellow - dining room
Blue - living room
Pink - office

which one is the entrance to the apartment?

Thank you so much!!
sorry for not including before - starting from the bottom left clockwise: entry door, kitchen doorway, hallway to bedrooms, bedroom door, porch door, guest room/study

love this idea! thank you:) I have to see if they would want the living room there - it’s much less space than it looks like…

thank you! will try it out

what STS says is a really good option- especially because the dinning can be right off the kitchen and extend into from hall if need be

I like what grunburgc did since you need space in the width for the dining room table as well.