Any past experience with adobe customer support?

I’m having trouble with photoshop (my color mode randomly goes into greyscale mode). I found a phone number online for customer support, but at any time of the day that i call its not there business hours. Anyone knows how to get service from them?( they better give me service I pay them monthly) or a different resource …. greatly appreciated!

you can try opening up a chat with them- I was able to get some help through chat with customer service during the day

Thank you so much!!Ill try that tomorrow.

yes i often use their chat just be warned the support agents i’ve had have not always been so quick-witted and can take a long time to reach a solution…first they want to check what version you are using etc etc and then often they want to do a share screen… and once they do they take their time to work out the issue (probably quickly searching themselves!) but it normally is worth it in the end!

now it could be coz i’m in israel i get some global, non-native english speakers, hopefully you’ll get someone better!

@Leah1 Were you able to sort this out? If not please be in touch with me!