And the WINNERS are....!

WITH 15 LIKES :clap: :partying_face::clap: :partying_face: :clap:!!! Well done Shevi Kramer, really great job!!!
:gift:You will be receiving $40 amazon voucher :gift:

dreidel 2
WITH 18 LIKES :clap: :partying_face::clap: :partying_face: :clap:!!! Well done Chani Wolpin, really amazing motions!!!
:gift:You will be receiving $40 amazon voucher :gift:

WITH 19 LIKES :clap: :partying_face::clap: :partying_face: :clap:!!! Well done Goldie Mezei, really creative idea!!!
:gift:You will be receiving $30 amazon voucher :gift:
(small deduction for not sticking to the color palette!)


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WOW!! Great job everyone!!!

Congrats winners!!! This was so fun, can’t wait for more of these :slight_smile:

Great Job Shevy, Chani, and Goldie!
It was so nice to see everyone’s designs and talents!
Looking forward to the next challenge! :slight_smile:

Thanks : )
Yes it was so fun and I really think everyone did an amazing job!
@jdfadmin How do we claim our prize?

Thanks everyone for your votes and well wishes :smiley:

All of your submissions were so inspiring that I piggy-backed off your ideas, so high-five and thanks to all fellow contestants!

Wow, was so hard to choose winners!! Mazel tov to the winners, but everyone did such a great job!

These are really cool!

the winners will be emailed their amazon gift voucher in the next day or so! was a great contest0= cant wait for tu bishvat1

Great job everyone!! and those who missed out, looking forward to you joining the next one!