AI In Interior Design Prompt 4:

This weeks prompt style is: Chalet
Chalet style is generally recognised by its use of heavy timbers, animal hides and generously proportioned furniture. Chalet style is the almost universal interior design style choice for mountain chalets and lakeside lodges. (Think lofts, fireplaces, and cozy rustic vibes)

It suitably balances the natural characteristics of its locales by incorporating appropriate natural materials and colour palettes.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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I was just wondering what would be a easy to use, free AI program for Interior Designers.

In what context? For the images here I just used Microsoft Designer, but for renderings of actual spaces that you designed, there was a post by @RaizyF on the EvolveLab Veras rendering tool powered through AI technology. For more information, look at the post under Interior Design - General on August 6.

@eBeB3573 what a cozy warm lobby/cafe! Really nicely done work! I like the fur on the chairs - I’m sure thats appreciated by all the passersby when they come in doors!
I like how you kept the theme through all three pictures. great for a moodboard

you can try firefly you get a certain amount of points free a day

interior design specifically programs:

Thanks @adinacahn and @eBeB3573 , I’ll try these out.