AE File size

Hi, when exporting in AE my videos are huge sizes, eg today I exported a 30-sec vid and it was 5.21GB! What can I do about it?

Are you exporting it or rendering it in AE?

Rendering I think

Adding to render queue…

Export it as a H.264 (mp4)
render queue is probably an AVI which is much heavier

How do I do that in AE?

File- export- to media encoder

— you can always take your AVI file and bring that into encoder as well and render that
open encoder , click on the + symbol on the top and add file to queue there

When I tried doing that it told me that my encoder isn’t installed, however, I did have it installed with all my programs any idea how to solve???

Its probably a different version, if its a different version it wont “connect”
open encoder on its own and import the AVI to there and render it as a H.264