AE error

I am almost finished a big project and getting an error code that I can’t fix…
I am not signed up to adobe creative cloud.
Those of you with after effects CC I am wondering what happens when you get an error code and send crash report. Do you get help and support from adobe?

you would have to reach out to adobe to get any support- they’re not calling you up even with crash reports- those are for their programmers to figure out what to do
I would suggest restarting your computer and trying again

It is probably just a very heavy file and your computer can’t handle it that is why it keeps on crashing… If you would have CC it might help a bit because the updated programs can handle things better but not always. And no as @adinacahn said crash reports don’t give you help, but you could contact adobe support on their website although I doubt they would help much!


Ps In the end I did ‘file-dependancies-collect files’ and it solved that error