Advert party favours

Can anyone please advise on how to continue with this advert?
I’m a bit stuck with it… and needs to go to print tonight.


how about making the arrows a little bolder- black or gold?
i would also move the list circles more left so half of the circles are on the white and half on the red square and then align the contact details to that.
love the style of this ad!

Really nice!
Would remove inner shadow from circles and do all fills one color.
Also pull the pink square down a little more- to the middle of the last circle.
Another idea is to make more space between the title and the rest of the page so that you can have some division.

thanks all for your feedback!
the reason why some are black and the other pink are because she wants to highlight these 3 things, there are only pictures for these 3 things

Its realy nice!
Maybe put a drop shadow behind the pink box.
I think its funny that some items in the list should be bolder.
She can have pictures of only some items, that doesn’t mean she must highlight those.
The only way i would find that making sense is if she makes it into an ad series and in each ad she highlights a different one. You have the arrows pointing from those to the pictures, so I wouldn’t think you also need them in different colors.
Keep us posted!

I think its fine to highlight the black boxes but maybe you can make a pattern like
black, three red, black, three red, black - I think it would look more thought out…
I’m also not loving that there is tons of room on the left side - the contact info and boxes should really move over a little…
also - The text for the contact info is a little boring - it doesn’t match the rest of the ad - I think you should make it sans serif and maybe the text inside the boxes should also be sans serif (do the same font) to make it easier to read