Ads Inspiration

Just some inspiration from frum ads:

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These are great!!
Now lets see some of out motion graphics students ads!

That’s great inspo :slight_smile: thanks
Here’s a similar style ad I did
Can’t wait to see what others have done :wink:
and looking forward to tomorrows tuesdays in 25 episode :grin:

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Some more ad inspiration

Beautiful work Rochelle!!
Cheerfully done and clear message!

Heres another video ad:

thought this video was great inspo and wanted to share

not sure if this link works tho
if you want to check it out online its 24six music video

Yup it works

It’s fab!!!

Uploading: shabbos campaign ad 2.mp4…

great inspo on morphing, thought i had to share it

Brilliant @Relly!! Thanks for Sharing! would be a great exercise to try to copy a few scenes
Anyone willing to try?!