Add your social media free business to this Tag list

I got an email from Tag / Nekadesh with a google doc form to fill out. They are trying to put together a list of all the businesses that don’t use social media so they can try to assist (or promote) those who choose not to use it. Here is a link incase you didn’t receive an email and would like to add your business to the list. Tag / Nekadesh google doc

this is such a cool concept - i wouldn’t say social media use for business is a wrong hishtadlus for everyone - but may this group at least help focus our use of it for whoever does use it!

btw seems there’s a machlokes if a forum counts as social media - i wonder what Tag would say! i presume they mean fb, insta, linkedin etc

Don’t get me wrong - I am not judging anyone if they use it, I was just putting the google doc form there for people who didn’t get an email…
oh really?! lol, well whoever signed up from this forum link is just as innocent as me :wink:

:slight_smile: i appreciate you sharing it!

thanks! :smile:

I emailed Tag and they clarified that social media free means no Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.
I asked about a forum and they said that’s okay.
phew :relieved: lol

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I know someone who also asked TAG and was told that they also can’t have Whatsapp

@Breindy-S What about Linkedin?

right - I would also think WhatsApp is included but what I posted above is what she told me…
not sure about Linkedin - I just sent her another email asking her - will try bn to update you once I get an answer

This is what she answered:
“Right now we are not excluding them. They are not recommended, but we are not considering it social media.”