Ad Feedback for EMT course


I am designing this ad for a EMT course and would love feedback!

Thanks in advance!

Sorry for some reason it comes out the wrong colour…
This is the colour of the advert:

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Really nice job on the layout! For the first line, “she can’t choose her medical emergency…” I would make it one sentence instead of starting a new sentence with “But she can…” Not sure if you have that option.

Love it! so neat and clear. I wouldn’t change anything.

wow it looks soooo nice!!

i think it’s amazing!! well done!


Thanks! This is updated version. Client doesn’t like where the logo is.
Any suggestions where else I can put it without messing up the ad?

It’s a really nice ad, great job!
I think that’s the place where the logo fits best…
Also probably either write ‘medical emergencies’ or ‘responds to it’.

I like the background coloring better from the first

I agree with She I, I think the logo placement is perfect as is, but it could be that it would be better if it was smaller. I did like the halo effect under the ambulance that you had on the first draft