Ad Critique

Hi im designing this ad but cant figure out how to make it look better any ideas?

here it is


Nice! maybe put a bluish tinge on the pictures to make it blend in more (or lower opacity).
Also, maybe make the big text in the middle more scripty…

Text in the middle should pop more, a lighter color would help. Contact info shouldn’t be surrounded with a frame, and should fill the space better. Eliminate the icons unless they unify better with the contact text, right now they shouldn’t overwhelm the actual contact text. Might work better to reverse the bottom image unit and put that on top, and put the top unit of the two squares and contact info on the bottom. Makes more sense to have contact info on the bottom, and the bottom image is more dramatic right now and seems like it should be more prominent.
Hope that helps.

thanks so much for your help i changed it and i think it looks much better anything else?
thanks so so much

It is much better and a very nice ad! I just don’t think that the circle on the bottom of the ad is so necessary. Maybe remove it and put the big text in the middle of the page…

Thanks so much!!!

Nice ad! I would suggest making the font lighter, it will help it to be more readable and stand out