Ad critique waxing and tinting

would love to hear critique-can also change the wording. thank you so much everyone. its amazing how much this forum is helping with my designs!!

Love the coloring and the image at the side.
But you can maybe give over a more relaxing effect.
Like if you remove the box under the texts so the image is not covered and maybe place it under the small images… just thinking

i think it looks lovely and v inviting…

my only reservation but maybe i’m just ignorant is what does ‘tinting’ mean? i’ve never seen waxing and tinting as a combination!
does it mean dyeing facial/any other unwanted hair? or bleaching?
or tinting actual hair or wigs??

its a semi permanent dye over eyebrows.
Not sure what you mean by “maybe place it under the small images” place what? thank you so much.
Also does the monthly offers and discount mislead that there will be something special every month. As she told me some months there will be no offers.
I did not like the line that last minute appoint available what do you think about it?
Thank you so so much for all your advice.

oh ok, so then it should say ‘eyebrow waxing and tinting’ that would make all the difference. and if she does waxing for other parts of the body i guess say that down below… or somehow communicate it!! maybe even just waxing and eyebrow tinting…

yes monthly discounts does seem like every month there will be an offer of some sort…but maybe she can really do some kind of permanent bundle offer…

i also thought last min appts avail makes her seem to not in demand… but maybe ‘same day appointments’ or ‘same day service’…? i guess it depends if she wants to be called last minute and welcomes it then it’s fine to keep like that. otherwise if she wants people to book quickly so she could say ‘book while slots last’…

I think you are very creative!! Im just wondering if the 2 boxes with info on them are changing the elegant relaxing look. I would maybe try an option without those 2 colored boxes… just an idea.

Was great to see your ad in romema unite!!!

Looked great!

thanks. she loved it as it was…
thank you everyone for your amazing feedback

this is how we kept it in the end. there were some other trials i sent her based on all your ideas but she wanted to keep to this one.
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