Accepting paypal payments

I am setting up an e-commerce store for a client using Woocommerce. They would like to use paypal to accept payments. As per this link you can no longer use paypal checkout … they made an update and you now have to use a plugin called paypal payments.

However, the reviews for this plugin are terrible. Has anyone one else had this issue? Any advice?

This is the old one, isn’t it? It says this is the new one: Supercharge your WooCommerce store with PayPal

Thanks for taking the time to respond, Penina. I had a look at the link you sent & it’s the same one. (paypal payments)
(sorry if this is confusing the link I showed was showing the old one but in the pink box up top it explained how you need to switch over to paypal payments)
If you go into admin of website and look for paypal payments you see this one

If you look through the reviews they are all really bad

Hmm. It’s by WooCommerce. It could be many of the issues are related to Paypal (eg, they didn’t set up their account correctly). And I’d think eventually it should be very good. If you are ready to integrate payment already, then you’d have to make a choice. You might want to use the old one, but inform your client that it will need to be switched in X months. If you’re still at the beginning of the project, perhaps you can simply wait and it may have smoothed itself out by then.

Ok thanks.

I’m almost ready to integrate payments so I’m wondering if the client starts with the old plugin how complicated would it be for them to switch over in a couple of months when the old plugin is no longer being supported? Will there be downtime? (I’ve never dealt with this before so I just want to go into it with some info to give the client…)

Changing payment gateways is usually pretty quick, from a dev standpoint

Ok thanks

Sorry to go in circles… I just noticed another option.
There is a plugin called PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway for WooCommerce its by webtoffee.
It seems to have good reviews… is there a reason not to use this instead of the plugin by woocommerce?