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why are some of my pictures coming in really zoomed in? how do i fix it?

It depends on the quality of the picture and the size of you sequence, try right clicking and set to frame size.

I downloaded something and when I try to import it into premiere its not in the folder that I saved it in. Is there a way I can import it into premiere?

im not sure i understand the questions but if you have it in premiere and you have changed the folder it was saved in then you can right click on the missing file and locate the footage… and then it will relink it up. hope that helps! hatzlocha :slight_smile:

i meant when i tried to import something into premiere i couldn’t find it in the folder i saved it in

thats weird, in premier right click on the video and do reveal in explorer and the folder should pop up where its saved.

when i tried to import it that way this is what happened

what format is it in? maybe try download the footage again. could be the video got ‘damaged’ during the download.

would it make sense that premiere wont support an wemb file?

i’ve never heard of that file type…

I think that file type is just for web. Why dont you convert it and then you can bring it into premiere