About Revisions

Thanks to all your amazing help, support and advice, I started limiting my work by setting an amount of revisions.
But (big but), What does a revision include???
For example-in the case of the swim postcard: I sent her the first postcard which she had agreed to image coloring…
For the first revision she wanted around 3 completely different ideas in around 4 different colour options. In addition to slight corrections for the first look. It was a lot of work.
Do revisions come with limits as well?
Thank you so much

can empathise!
yes sure you can use terms like ‘the ad package includes 2 diff. design concepts based on the brief’ and ‘up to 2 rounds of small revisions’ then have a disclaimer if they want a complete redesign or extra totally diff. ideas you can charge more. you can specify what you consider a ‘small revision’.
honestly i am more careful about this with websites where you do a lot more research about their design preferences to start with…for ads, i dont do it and hope for the best that the new client wont be too picky! you win some and lose some!
sometimes picky clients are great for your portfolio/publicity as a designer so you may choose to swallow the extra revisions.
if they want a total redesign i would only do it for the same price if they are super specific about what they want next so that i dont have to do 3 new ideas… if they reject my first 2 ideas straight out and they cant give a plausible reason and i’m sensing this wont be a good relationship, i may invite them to use a diff designer and not even compensate me!
i guess it also depends on how much other work you have to be busy with - i was def a lot more accommodating when i first started out compared to 10yrs later!
hatzlacha and trust your gut too!

Thank you so much @rivkah, I am really trying to accomodate all her requests… I do think I am gaining from this particular client as the design really does look better now than it did to start off with (which makes it worth the effort)…I suppose it really does boil down to some you win, some you lose.

right if you choose to work like that. many ppl are much more business-minded than me!!
another thing i have to do with specific clients who i know can do a lot of scope creep and will always ask for too much if i do a fixed price is to say i’m only working at a per hourly rate and then you see how tiny their revisions become!!
you can also combine and say first two rounds free and further revisions plus redesigns at hourly rate of x/hr.
b/c also the limiting revisions and back and forth can also be a favour to your client… makes whole process more streamlined.

2 things:

I asked clients to show me some designs they like and dislike so I can understand if there’s a style, color etc that they won’t go for. I ask also about the target audience and do a bit of research if needed to understand what would appeal to the audience before I even start designing. You can even go through it with them a little, and tell them what their target audience will be attracted to in terms of color or style so they know what to expect.

Small revisions shouldn’t include 4 new color options or a layout redesign. If they don’t like the coloring that’s fine, they can ask for new colors, but 4 new options is a lot. I’d suggest in that case trying to work through with them what they dont like, to get to the bottom of it. Small revisions are font size or actual font changes, smaller color corrections etc. If you put thought into the design, you don’t want to start dreading working with the client…

After 2 or 3 rounds, you can definitely start charging by the hour.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.